Moon in zodiac sign of Leo

What does it mean, when Moon passes through Leo zodiac sign?

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Moon in Leo
Moon in Leo
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When the Moon is in Leo, we have an increasing desire to highlight, to fulfill the goals, to be in the center of all attention.

The qualities, that characterize the Leo, are pride, brilliance, generosity, creativity, ability for attraction the attention of the others.

In the "Moon in Leo" period our mood is usually joyfully cheerful. We have the subconscious desire to look beautiful, we have the desire to create and build up. That’s the reason for us to exercise activities, requiring creative thinking.

It is recommended: to organize festivities, celebrations, banquets, fiestas; it is good to visit museums, exhibitions, theatre, cinema, circus, clubs, etc.

If in this period the Moon is growing and you cut your hair, the hair would grow faster and it would look like a lion's mane.

Relaxation, games, communication with children, decoration and arrangement in home are favorable.

Surgical intervention in the area of the heart, ribs, spine and spleen is not recommended. Don't overload your heart and don't worry excessively.

Moon in zodiac signs

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