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Moon in Pisces zodiac sign

Moon in Pisces zodiac sign

What does it mean, when the Moon is in Pisces zodiac sign?

Moon in Pisces

The Pisces zodiacal sign is mysterious and obscure. They are characterized by self, sacrifice, mysticism, compassion, idealism, vulnerability, sacrifice, spiritual apathy.

When the Moon is in Pisces, emotions prevail over rational thinking. Sensitivity and inclination to fantasy can oppose the common sense. You become dreamers and search for solitude.

In this time it's difficult to concentrate, there is a possibility of calculation mistake, emotions and feelings have an unfavorable influence upon work-efficiency.

Indulge yourself in music, painting, poetry, read an interesting book. Take care of your inner peace and avoid communal activities.

The influence of this sign is often characterized with a feeling of deep and indescribable sadness, and this feeling helps poets and composers to create.

The danger of fungal and viral diseases increases. Avoid alcohol beverages, stagnant and suspicious foods, strong medicines.

In the "Moon in Pisces" period avoid surgical intervention in the area of feet and toes.