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Moon void of course

Moon void of course

Period after the last major aspect of the moon to leave the zodiacal sign.

Moon void of course is a phenomenon that you can meet with other names such as moon without motion, freewheeling moon.

In its motion in the sky, the moon passes through each sign of the Zodiac for about 2 and a half days. Earth moon interacts with other celestial bodies, and together form the arrangement, which astrologers interpret.

A period of time when the Moon has finished its aspects in its current sign. Until entering the next sign, motivation is low and actions run out of steam. It’s not a good time to make major purchases or begin important activities.

Moon void of course may continue for several seconds to 2-3 days.

Moon void of course

Durring this period, when Moon void of course astrologers advised to show extreme caution. Recommended are the holiday in a safe environment or routine tasks associated with well-known cases. Not recommended crucial and responsible decisions, purchases of fixed assets or valuables.

Some people write, it's better, important upcoming events to plan for the time one hour and a half before entering phase Moon void of course.

Astrologers pay attention to the position of Moon in the Zodiac. If the moon left one of the signs of Gemini, Scorpio or Capricorn, its influence in the void of course is extremely damaging, but if it comes out of the Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then your chances of success of the initiatives are a bit more likely.