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Leo zodiac sign

Leo zodiac sign

Leo zodiac sign description. Profile and features of the Leo.

Leo zodiac sign description and personality

Leo believe in themselves and manage to move forward. The people, born under the sign of Leo have the inclination to be: romantic, idealists, ambitious, in love with themselves, temperamental, faithful, with broad fingers, powerful, devoted, generous, honorable, fair and sometimes too brave. The interests of Leo are aimed at: sport and games, entertainment, achievements, desire to be the center of attention, children (especially their own). Leo zodiac sign generosity attracts the friendship of the people.

Leo zodiac sign

Leo zodiac sign profile

  • Sun is in Leo: from July 21 to August 23
  • Zodiac symbol: Lion
  • Constellation: Leo
  • Zodiac element: fire
  • Zodiac quality: immobile
  • Domicile: Sun
  • Detriment: Uranus and Saturn
  • Exaltation: Pluto
  • Fall: Mercury
  • Colors: orange, yellow, blue
  • Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28
  • Gems: ruby, diamond
  • Day: Sunday
  • Metal: Gold
  • Crucial years: from 19th through (19, 26, 33 ...)
  • Motto: "I am" or "I want"
  • Fateful mission: To achieve glory and be a celebrity. To be a leader. To protect.
  • Country: France, Italy, Peru, Romania
  • Favorable partnerships: Aries, Sagittarius
  • Unfavorable partnerships: Libra, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Loves: honor, charity, high positions, celebrations, opulence, splendor, luxury, flattery, justice, male pride, sublime, authority, drama.
  • Hates: mediocrity, disabled, criticism, meanness, cowardice, intrigue, deceit.
  • Their strength is: the external manifestation of the feelings, the great physical strength that allows them to impose.
  • Tip: always act according to conscience and forgive the disadvantages of others, even if they are disappointed.