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Virgo zodiac sign

Virgo zodiac sign

Virgo zodiac sign description. Profile and features of the Virgo.

Virgo zodiac sign description and personality

Virgo are very reserved people. They pay too much attention to detail and their analytical mind slows them down. They search for perfection in everything they do and they give much more time than needed for the implementation. They cope in every area, that requires accuracy, precision. Their critical feeling is very well developed, but very often they doubt in themselves. They need to be stimulated by people, which qualities they recognize more than their own. Virgo zodiac sign are excellent performers, they have talent.

Virgo zodiac sign

Virgo zodiac sign profile

  • Sun is in Virgo: from August 24 to September 22
  • Zodiac Symbol: Virgin Lady
  • Constellation: Virgo
  • Zodiac Element: land
  • Zodiac Quality: mobile
  • Domicile: Mercury
  • Detriment: Neptune and Jupiter
  • Exaltation: Mercury
  • Fall: Venus
  • Colors: brown, navy
  • Numbers: 3, 5
  • Gems: sapphire, sardonyx
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Metals: mercury, nickel
  • Crucial years: 7th through 7 (7, 14, 21 ...)
  • Motto: "I analyze"
  • Fateful mission: to believe in themselves. To be perfectionist. To monitor the established order.
  • Country: Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Caribbean, Uruguay
  • Favorable partnerships: Taurus, Capricorn
  • Unfavorable partnerships: Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius
  • Loves: order, accuracy, thinking, calculating, clever advise, the golden mean, reasonable compromise, the assessment of others, clarity and purity.
  • Hates: unspecified things and actions, moderation, extremes, mighty impulses, self-neglect, stupidity, quarrel.
  • Their strength is: foresight, excellence in work, methodical way of working.
  • Tip: Believe more in yourself.