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Мoon diet during new moon and full moon

Мoon diet during new moon and full moon

Lunar diet of Dr. Christian Dyuraffur at full moon and new moon.

It is estimated that at full moon and new moon is good to follow a diet. Why? - Explains the President of the International Federation of phyto and aromatherapy, a doctor, therapist Dr. Christian Dyuraffur.

Moon diet in fullmoon and newmoon - full moon

Those days are changing the atmospheric pressure and movement of water. Full - time to ebb when the water is thickness.

In the new moon is on the contrary, the water expands and causes a tide.

Thanks to these external processes in our bodies also change the metabolism (breakdown of water and trace elements).

At full moon, the water from intercellular spaces to move inside cells and change in the reverse process occurs: the water to move out of the cells of the tissues. Given these characteristics may periodically to comply with a diet that will improve the movement of water in the body, will cleanse the body, will accelerate the removal of fat and toxins.

Moon diet in full moon and new moon - water

Full moon diet is based on the use of liquids. It helps to deal with the retention of fluids in the body.

Moon diet takes water from the body, toxins and stimulate the process of lipolysis (decomposition of fat stored in cells).

Moon diet stimulate organism, it helps to use the full stocks of enzymes (they are necessary for the milling of food and absorption of nutrients).


Each of the two moon diets may be conducted in two modes: a short (24 hours at full moon and new moon in about 36 hours) and extended (up to 6 days).

Side effects - not recommended for certain metabolic diseases such as diabetes or diseases of the blood.

Diet in full moon

Moon diet in fullmoon and newmoon - diet-fruit-juice

Diet 24 hours:

It begins on the eve of the full moon and continue 24 hours. The menu contains only liquids. You may drink water (spring, boiled, mineral), fresh juices, which have diuretic properties. It is best to drink freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables.

The result will not be long delayed. Losing weight is from 250 grams to 1 kilograms, the body will be cleanse and decrease swelling.

Moon diet in full moon and new moon - pineapple

Diet 6 days:

On the first day, you eat only raw or cooked vegetables. In the next two days and two days after starvation, eat only pineapple and mushrooms (eat four times a day).

Pineapple has a diuretic effect and prevents the accumulation of fat. Mushrooms should be cooked in steam or cooked with some spices and some olive oil (cold pressed). Mushrooms are low calorific and contain proteins that are food for the muscles.

Warning: This diet should not last longer than six days (including day of starvation)!

Moon diet in fullmoon and newmoon - mushrooms

Diet 3 days:

Diet in full moon may be limited to three days:

  • First day - raw or cooked vegetables
  • Second day - only liquids
  • Third day - just pineapple and mushrooms.

The result - effective cleaning of the body and reduce weight by 1-3 kg depending on the duration of the diet.

Diet in new moon

Diet 36 hours:

Moon diet in full moon and new moon - vegetable soup

Diet starts at 18 o'clock the day before new moon and continue 36 hours.

The menu includes soups and vegetable broth 4-5 times a day. Soup can be made of your favorite vegetables (carrots, potatoes, sweet peppers, beans, roots, etc.). Vegetable broth has usefully diuretic properties.

To avoid monotony, once a day you can drink a broth of poultry, meat or fish.

Vegetable soups and broth supply the body with minerals. In soups containing cellulose, a dull sense of hunger.

The result - an intensive cleansing the body and weight loss with about 500 grams. If you use only vegetable broth, losing weight can reach 1 kilograms.

Diet 6 days:

Moon diet in fullmoon and newmoon - vegetables

Three days before and two after the new moon is eaten raw and cooked vegetables.

Do not forget that we must adapt our needs to diet. No need to diet becomes torture.

The only restriction - the diet should not last longer than 6 days.

The result - weight loss of 1-3 kg. depending on length.