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Moon in Cancer zodiac sign

Moon in Cancer zodiac sign

What does it mean, when the Moon is in Cancer zodiac sign?

Moon in Cancer

This is the natural disposition of the Moon. When the Moon is in Cancer, it is in its home.

In this period we indulge ourselves in the emotions, moods, protection, concerns. Parental instinct is increased.

It's recommended for you to be occupied with all home affairs, to create home comfort, to take care of your family. Reserves for the future can be made.

The "Moon in Cancer" period is favorable for holiday or a trip around rivers, lakes, and also for uniting the family together.

The treatment of the diseases, connected with metabolism, joints, tendons is effective.

Avoid surgical intervention in the area of the stomach, chest, abdomen, mammary glands, gall bladder, lymphatic system.

Don't eat suspicious foods and don't overload your digestive system.