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Moon diet for weight loss and purify the body

Moon diet for weight loss and purify the body

Moon diets related to the current lunar phase to lose weight and to purify the body.

Centuries ago people associate the Moon with magic, space, romance and cyclic patterns. It is scientifically proven, when the Moon enters into a new lunar phase, a change occurs in the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

The Moon affects tides, the growth of plants, the breeding of the animals, and strongly effects the emotional and physical state of humans. Not surprisingly, at Full Moon most of us feel special. Some people become more active, other feel depressed, and some full with new ideas, or get to work.

Specialists told, that the easiest and most effective way to maintain normal weight is the Moon diet.

The Lunar diet at Full Moon and New Moon, the 24 hours Moon diet, or the Three-day Moon diet, each of these diets related to the lunar calendar, could help to regulate and maintain your normal weight or to clean your body.

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