Moon in Gemini
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Moon in ♊ Gemini

Moon in Gemini is a time, when the apparent lunar path through the sky crosses the third tropical sector of the zodiac between ∠60°-90° where the constellation of Gemini is located as it is seen from the Earth.

A waxing moon visits Gemini zodiac sign only in the period from December to June and a waning moon transits Gemini only from June to December.

New Moon or Full Moon in Gemini

New Moon and Full Moon in Gemini is a time to benefit of fresh information and new ideas. When the other speaks, try to listen and understand, what is the important.

When is New Moon in Gemini?

A new moon in Gemini occurs only in the end of May and in the beginning of June when both the Moon and Sun are in the Gemini zodiac sign.

When is Full Moon in Gemini?

A full moon in Gemini happens only in the end of November and in the beginning of December when the Sun is in Sagittarius - the tropical sector opposite to Gemini.

Moon in Mutable sign Gemini

The Moon is in Mutable zodiac sign Gemini. When the Moon transits Mutable Modality sign, emotions are balanced and calm. Extremes are rare and more likely caused by another stronger influence.

Moon in Air sign Gemini

The Moon is in Air zodiac sign Gemini. When the Moon transits Air Element sign, emotions search an expression and need to be analysed. Sometimes is better to not let them out, but ignore them, even when it is very difficult to be done.

Gemini and Sagittarius Sun signs

When the Moon transits Gemini zodiac sector, people born in Sun sign of Gemini have their good time, but born in its opposite zodiac sign Sagittarius have to be cautious, because it may be much harder for them.

Fast change of moods and emotions

Superficial mood takes over the usual daily focus. Fast and easy change of emotions and moods feeds the flexibility in the behaviour. Moon in Gemini uncovers the sociable side even in the most cooped up people and opens them to all kinds of communication.

Be ready to listen

The speed of thought escalates and your playful witty talking may obstruct the easy flow of conversation. Give the others their own time to speak too and remember to listen as well as talk.


Activity and flexibility dominate our day, leading to the motivation of doing everything at once. This makes people very efficient in communications and intellectual work of all kinds. Time of effective negotiations and short-term deals, as well as searching, accumulation and processing of data and information. Very good moment for doing research or investigation.

Fast expiring paraphernalia

It is common for people, in time of the Moon transiting Gemini, to buy books, newspapers, magazines and all kind of "short-term" paraphernalia, which expires fast.

Family and friends

Moon in Gemini is very suitable to discuss and clear family relationships. Relax enjoying the company of friends by doing short trip or an outdoor walk together. What a grade time to write the long postponed letters to the relatives. Be careful of your vanity and do not let it disturb the people close to you.


Do physical exercises for flexibility of the shoulders and arms. Increased metabolism and breathing are common for this time. Choose the fresh air of outdoor activity, instead of unventilated or dusty rooms. It is better to avoid surgical intervention in the area of shoulders, arms, wrists, lungs and bronchi.