Space weather and solar activity
Space weather and solar activityImage credit: European Space Agency.

Solar activity

Space weather, the Sun now, Solar activity and magnetic storms, Earth's geomagnetic field and polar zones Auroral activity, space weather prediction and observations.

Space weather products

Products of various solar observatories and laboratories provide near real-time images and data of the Sun and current measurements of the solar wind and activity.

Future development

This webpage is still in active development. More about Sun, solar wind and space weather will come soon.

Sources and credits

The picture on this web page is a composite of space- and ground-based observations in different wavelengths gathered on the day of the solar eclipse of 3 November 2013.

The planet Saturn is visible at the top left of the picture as a bright saturated object, coincidentally giving an impression of rings.

Image credit to Kosmas Gazeas (University of Athens, Greece), P.Horálek - Observatory Úpice, J.Sládeček, M.Druckmüller, Proba-2 (ESA/ROB), SDO (NASA). European Space Agency, ESA at