Advanced Composition Explorer orbit in L1
Advanced Composition Explorer orbit in L1Image credit: NASA/H. Zell.

ACE spacecraft

Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) is a spacecraft laboratory, orbiting the Sun-Earth first libration point. Its mission is the measurement of solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field at Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange point, some time before solar particles reach our planet.

MMS real time solar wind dashboard

Real-time ACE data dials dashbord, current and predicted space weather conditions plots from NASA MMS at RSI.
(External links to dashbord and forecast open in a new browser window.)
Solar Wind Dashboard | Solar Wind Forecast

SWPC data plots

NOAA SWPC latest history plots, visualizing the data from the four ACE instruments: EPAM, SWEPAM, MAG and SIS.
(External links to plot images open in a new browser window.)

SRL data plots

GSE position of ACE spacecraft and latest four days of received solar wind data, visualized by SRL at Caltech:
Latest 4 days | Position XY plane | Position XZ plane | Position YZ plane

RTSW data reception

Ground station tracking of ACE RTSW data, processed by NOAA SWPC. Network coverage and data reception plots for the latest 6 hours and 48 hours.
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6 hours | 48 hours

Sources and credits

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