Moon diets
Moon dietsImage credit: Scott Liddell.

What is a Moon diet?

Moon diets are very simple and popular way to use the natural lunar cycle for easy loosing some extra weight or just for cleansing and purifying the body.

Effect of Moon cycle

While Moon orbits our blue planet, it causes not only the water tides, but it affects plants growing, animals mating, feeding and migration, humans mood and activity, and more.

Liquid planet

Liquids on our planet, including the liquids in our human body, are strongly influenced by the lunar tidal cycles, caused by gravitational (tractive) force of the Moon - Earth's celestial satellite.

Tidal rhythm

This monthly tidal rhythm is a natural catalyst of vital human metabolic processes. We choose these phenomena to promote movement of fluids in human body by our weight-loss diets and healthy-living efforts.

Spring tides

The strongest tides are around the days of Full Moon and New Moon, when gravitational forces of Sun and Moon align to create so called spring tides - with highest tidal amplitude.

Main lunar phases

All of the "main" lunar phases: New Moon, First quarter, Full Moon and Last quarter, are suitable to keep a Moon diet. These days are points in the lunar cycle, when tidal force reaches its highest or lowest peak and goes in the opposite direction. These events are great metabolic catalyst for the human body.

Liquid body

Drinking of more water and liquids is a general concept for all Moon related diets. With more than 60% water in it, the human body is a part of the lunar tide.

How to start?

Starting with one of our example list of Moon diets is a good and smart way to join the Earth's tide and benefit from it.

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