Quick detoxing Moon diet
Quick detoxing Moon dietImage credit: Scott Liddell.

Easy and quick detoxing practice

Quick detox Moon diet on Full Moon and New Moon is popular and effortless regimen for release hold-up toxins to cleanse and purify human body.

You can think of this process as a healthy short-term rest of the junky foods and drinks we meet daily in our modern world.

Lunar tidal force

Liquids on our planet, including the liquids in our human body, are strongly influenced by the lunar tidal cycles, caused by gravitational (tractive) force of the Moon - Earth's celestial satellite. We can benefit of this natural tidal rhythm by giving the hold-up in our body toxins a way out. Because the strongest tidal forces are at Full Moon and New Moon, we choose these phenomena to promote our healthy, easy and quick detoxing practice.

Full Moon quick detox

24 hours lasts the shortest purify detox diet, starting in the afternoon before Full Moon phase and ending the next afternoon. During this period it is recommended to eat nothing, but only drink liquids. Good choice is spring water or fresh-squeezed juice (fruit or vegetable). Juices supply human body with some essential vitamins and minerals.

New Moon quick detox

36 hours long detox diet starts at evening, the day before the Moon enters New Moon phase. During these hours it is not limited to have vegetable soup or vege-broth as much as you want. Of course, drinking liquids like spring water and fresh-squeezed fruit or vegetable juice is implicit.

Consider this

Please, do not drink any alcohol or bubble drinks during the diet, to effective cleanse and detox body. ...and do not turn into a "refrigerator-monster" after finishing the diet! :) Did we mentioned, the sugar is not recommended too..?

Body weight loss

People who purify and detox their self at New Moon and Full Moon may loose some body weight too, but it depends on every single human constitution specifics. Quick detox Moon diet may elevate people's spirit, mood and body tonus as well.

Live smart and healthy

Eat smart, drink water and live healthy.

Sources and credits

Photo, credit to Scott Liddell, www.scottliddell.com