Zodiac stellar diet
Zodiac stellar dietImage credit: Scott Liddell.

Zodiac stellar feeding

Zodiac diet is a name given by us to the astrology thinking, that there are links between different types of food and zodiac signs (diets and foods according to zodiac sign).

This is not a diet, but a wholesome "stellar feeding", foods suited for any particular zodiac sign.

Food energy

Astrologists believe food has energy which vary, influenced by the planets and their aspects. People are charged with different energies, determined by any individual human character and its own zodiac sign nature. Various food charges interact with each other, and when we eat them, foods interact with our body energy too.

Moon in zodiac

When choosing their daily food menu, some people may take in account, where is the Moon located in the zodiac today.

Aries food

Foods suited for Aries zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Lamb and goat.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Grapefruit, watermelon, carrot, onion, pepper, radish and garlic.
  • Spices: Chilli pepper, caraway, saffron, mint, coriander and rosemary.

Taurus food

Foods suited for Taurus zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Beef and veal.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Potato, tomato, apple, avocado, banana and strawberry.
  • Spices: Dill, parsley, cloves, mint, dill, basil, curry, ginger, mustard, horseradish and black pepper.

Gemini food

Foods suited for Gemini zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Chicken, duck, turkey and quail.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Grape, bean, cauliflower, celery, apricot and pomegranate.
  • Spices: Cardamom, caraway, anise, licorice, mint, vanilla, cloves, maple juice, nutmeg and sage.
  • Nuts: Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachio.

Cancer food

Foods suited for Cancer zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Fish and seafood.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Potato, cabbage, cucumber, squash, grape, lemon and coconut.
  • Spices: Mint, cardamom, vanilla, cumin seed and sage.

Leo food

Foods suited for Leo zodiac sign.

  • Fruits and vegetables: Tomato, eggplant, sweet and bitter pepper, pineapples, lemons, orange, mandarin orange and tamarind.
  • Spices: Tarragon, anise, cloves, nutmeg and Chinese green tea.
  • Nuts: Sunflower seeds and walnut.

Virgo food

Foods suited for Virgo zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Beef and veal.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Bean and legumes, cauliflower, celery, apricot and pomegranate.
  • Spices: Chicory, cinnamon, lemon flower, sesame, turmeric, rosemary and ginseng tea.
  • Nuts: Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachio.

Libra food

Foods suited for Libra zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Vegetarian (no meat).
  • Fruits and vegetables: Pea, rhubarb, spinach, tomato, apple, avocado, banana, blackberry, cherry, blueberry, peach, pear, persimmon, plum, raspberry and strawberry.
  • Spices: Caraway, clover, dill, fennel, sage and nutmeg.

Scorpio food

Foods suited for Scorpio zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Squid, lobster, oyster, mussel and sea fish.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Carrot, hop, onion, chilli pepper, pumpkin, radish, garlic, horseradish, grapefruit and watermelon.
  • Spices: Basil, coriander, sweet pepper, cumin, curry, ginger, mustard, black pepper, mint, cardamom, licorice and vanilla.

Sagittarius food

Foods suited for Sagittarius zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Low-fat pork and ham.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Artichoke, Brussels sprout, chicory, white cabbage, figs, mango and chestnut.
  • Spices: Parsley and mint. Exotic dishes are not suitable.

Capricorn food

Foods suited for Capricorn zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Lamb.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Beet, cabbage, eggplant, melon, watermelon and quince.
  • Spices: Sweet pepper, basil, coriander, cumin, ginger, curry, garlic, mustard, pepper, mint, cardamom, licorice, sage, mint and vanilla.

Aquarius food

Foods suited for Aquarius zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Fish, crabs and other crustaceans.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Pumpkin, gourd, melon and quince.
  • Spices: Cardamom, licorice, sage, mint and cumin.

Pisces food

Foods suited for Pisces zodiac sign.

  • Meat: Seafood.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Artichokes, Brussels sprouts, white cabbage, chicory and mango.
  • Spices: Sweet pepper, basil, coriander, cumin, ginger, mint, chilli pepper, curry, garlic, horseradish and mustard.

Sources and credits

Photo, credit to Scott Liddell, www.scottliddell.com