Twenty-four-hour Moon diet
Twenty-four-hour Moon dietImage credit: Scott Liddell.

Short but effective diet

24-hour Moon diet is very short-term effective "liquid" diet, kept on change of "main" Moon phases: New Moon, First quarter, Full Moon and Last quarter.

Diet starts, when Moon enters into one of its four "main" lunar phases and ends 24 hours later.

Just drink

During this time it is recommended to eat nothing, but only drink fresh-squeezed fruit or vegetable juices, tea (herbal or green) and spring water (natural or mineral, no soda). Sugar and salt or bubble drinks are bad choice. People, who like their drinks sweet, may consider replacing the sugar with bee honey.


Liquids have a multiple and favourable influence on body tones and mood. Drinking water and tea stimulates kidney activity and helps cleanse and detox. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices strengthen immune system and promote healthy body. Please, do not drink alcohol during the Moon diet, even a glass of white wine will do the diet pointless.

After the diet

After the 24 hours of Moon diet pass, it is smart to continue with light meals, more vegetables and fruits - less meat. Avoid fried foods, but have stewed or steamed, cooked or baked meals instead. This will help the body keep the benefits of the 24 hours lunar diet.

Once weekly

Some dieticians recommend having a liquids-only-day once every week or two. Consider combining it with the lunar influence when "main" Moon phases change. Unhealthy nutrition or diets, poor digestion, anxiety and stress worsen the micro-world of human constitution. We believe Moon cycles can help people release toxins, salt and hold-up water.

Consider this

Sometimes Moon phase change takes effect at different times of day, during night when people sleep or during daily work-time. Never break normal daily living routine, because of a diet. Diets are not used to obstruct people's live, but to help them have healthy and balanced daily rhythm.


Do not wake up to drink water and juices, because the Moon phase change time is at night or early in the morning. Better start diet few hours earlier or later next morning, but have good sleep and sweet dreams, which is more important to your health and spirit.

Live smart and healthy

Eat smart, drink water and live healthy.

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