Solar system planets
Solar system planetsImage credit: NASA/JPL

Solar system

Planets of the Solar system form different figures with their position in orbit around the Sun.

Inner planets

Planets from the inner Solar System - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are located between the Sun and the Asteroid Belt. They complete full orbit faster and change orbital position quickly, because they are closer to the Sun - center of our Solar system.

Outer planets

Planets from the outer Solar System - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (and Pluto), have much longer orbits and farther from our Sun. They complete full orbit slower and their short-term orbital position change is not so visible.

Current positions of planets

Current position of planets in the Solar system in their orbits around the Sun. Zoomed inner planets view is combined with the outer planets view in a single Solar system plot.
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Planets symbols

Planets on above plots are listed next with their coresponding planet glyph symbol, ordered by distance from the Sun: ☿ Mercury, ♀ Venus, ♁ Earth, ♂ Mars, ♃ Jupiter, ♄ Saturn, ♅ Uranus, ♆ Neptune and ♇ Pluto.

Sources and credits

Solar system planets positions plot courtesy of Chris Peat, Heavens Above GmbH,