Moon in Aquarius
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Moon in ♒ Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius is a time, when the apparent lunar path through the sky crosses the eleventh tropical sector of the zodiac between ∠300°-330° where the constellation of Aquarius is located as it is seen from the Earth.

A waxing moon visits Aquarius zodiac sign only in the period from August to February and a waning moon transits Aquarius only from February to August.

New Moon or Full Moon in Aquarius

New Moon and Full Moon in Aquarius is time to find some balance between your personal interest and the sacrifices you make to get in the others focus.

When is New Moon in Aquarius?

A new moon in Aquarius occurs only in the end of January and in the beginning of February when both the Moon and Sun are in the Aquarius zodiac sign.

When is Full Moon in Aquarius?

A full moon in Aquarius happens only in the end of July and in the beginning of August when the Sun is in Leo - the tropical sector opposite to Aquarius.

Moon in Fixed sign Aquarius

The Moon is in Fixed zodiac sign Aquarius. When the Moon transits Fixed Modality sign, emotions are ruled by the sense of security and stability. It is difficult to escape or change the current mental state.

Moon in Air sign Aquarius

The Moon is in Air zodiac sign Aquarius. When the Moon transits Air Element sign, emotions search an expression and need to be analysed. Sometimes is better to not let them out, but ignore them, even when it is very difficult to be done.

Aquarius and Leo Sun signs

When the Moon transits Aquarius zodiac sector, people born in Sun sign of Aquarius have their good time, but born in its opposite zodiac sign Leo have to be cautious, because it may be much harder for them.

New and original

With the Moon transiting Aquarius rises the interest in everything new and unconventional. This days your head gets congested of original ideas. Do not be surprised if people around you act selfish.


Moon in Aquarius days will give you extra focus on social, science and intellectual work. Very good time for activities in the area of psychology, sociology, new technology, inventions, astronomy and astrology. Be careful when handling electrical appliances. Do not refuse help.

Family and friends

When the Moon transits Aquarius some friends may become more important than the relatives. Sympathy, affection and care to non-relative people may get ahead of the family.


Moon in Aquarius is favourable time for any treatment or diet related to the endocrine system. It is better to avoid surgical intervention in the area of the veins and lower legs.