Moon in Scorpio
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Moon in ♏ Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio is a time, when the apparent lunar path through the sky crosses the eighth tropical sector of the zodiac between ∠210°-240° where the constellation of Scorpio is located as it is seen from the Earth.

A waxing moon visits Scorpio zodiac sign only in the period from May to November and a waning moon transits Scorpio only from November to May.

New Moon or Full Moon in Scorpio

New Moon and Full Moon in Scorpio time is favourable to escape distractions and take a way of achieving peace. Balance of the shares could be checked now.

When is New Moon in Scorpio?

A new moon in Scorpio occurs only in the end of October and in the beginning of November when both the Moon and Sun are in the Scorpio zodiac sign.

When is Full Moon in Scorpio?

A full moon in Scorpio happens only in the end of April and in the beginning of May when the Sun is in Taurus - the tropical sector opposite to Scorpio.

Moon in Fixed sign Scorpio

The Moon is in Fixed zodiac sign Scorpio. When the Moon transits Fixed Modality sign, emotions are ruled by the sense of security and stability. It is difficult to escape or change the current mental state.

Moon in Water sign Scorpio

The Moon is in Water zodiac sign Scorpio. When the Moon transits Water Element sign, strong emotions and feelings push people to extremes in their behaviour. Over-reacting makes some people look exaggerated or blocking and hiding any reactions make them look emotionless.

Scorpio and Taurus Sun signs

When the Moon transits Scorpio zodiac sector, people born in Sun sign of Scorpio have their good time, but born in its opposite zodiac sign Taurus have to be cautious, because it may be much harder for them.

Emotional flow

Active subconsciousness and strong intuition increase the understanding of unexplainable and mysterious subjects. Intense emotions and feelings are easy projected upon the others.

Elevation of mind

Moon in Scorpio contributes to focus and better concentration. This time marks an increase in sharpness of the mind. Favourable time for work in science, maths and psychology. People with extraordinary abilities are very effective.

Roots of the problem

Search for a solution in the roots of the problem, shallow analysis may not help you to resolve it.

Personal relationships

People become more critical and easy lose their sense of measure and tact. Sexual relationships often worsen or just broke.

Family tension

While the Moon passes through Scorpio zodiac sector, sophisticated family relationship and emotional tension often lead to scandal. This is not the best time for family gathering or celebration.


Because of the wet character of Scorpio, people with rheumatic disorder have to pay attention. Risk of inflammation of the renal system and kidneys is increased. Avoid surgical intervention in areas of reproductive system, urinary system and intestines.