Moon in Virgo
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Moon in ♍ Virgo

Moon in Virgo is a time, when the apparent lunar path through the sky crosses the sixth tropical sector of the zodiac between ∠150°-180° where the constellation of Virgo is located as it is seen from the Earth.

A waxing moon visits Virgo zodiac sign only in the period from March to September and a waning moon transits Virgo only from September to March.

New Moon or Full Moon in Virgo

New Moon and Full Moon in Virgo make you aggressive in the search for perfection. Be little more polite and pity to mistakes made of the people surrounding you.

When is New Moon in Virgo?

A new moon in Virgo occurs only in the end of August and in the beginning of September when both the Moon and Sun are in the Virgo zodiac sign.

When is Full Moon in Virgo?

A full moon in Virgo happens only in the end of February and in the beginning of March when the Sun is in Pisces - the tropical sector opposite to Virgo.

Moon in Mutable sign Virgo

The Moon is in Mutable zodiac sign Virgo. When the Moon transits Mutable Modality sign, emotions are balanced and calm. Extremes are rare and more likely caused by another stronger influence.

Moon in Earth sign Virgo

The Moon is in Earth zodiac sign Virgo. When the Moon transits Earth Element sign, emotions tend to be palpable and real. They need special time to deal with them, sometimes with the help of the others.

Virgo and Pisces Sun signs

When the Moon transits Virgo zodiac sector, people born in Sun sign of Virgo have their good time, but born in its opposite zodiac sign Pisces have to be cautious, because it may be much harder for them.

Work precision and diligence

It is generally a favourable time to work, particularly kind of work, which requires practical knowledge and constant effort. It is the time of skilled and precise professionals as critics, editors, proof-readers, typographers, mathematicians, jewellers etc.

Attention to detail

When the Moon transits Virgo zodiac sector, people start to pay bigger attention to details. Desire to be organized, makes you impatient to any impractical move, this search for the best final touch sometimes transforms in rigour criticism.

Avoid presentation of results for later

If you are not ready to take on a long journey of analysis and careful search for even non-existing errors and mistakes, defer the presentation of results for later.

Home and hobby

Been less critical or small-minded may reward you with serene communication in the family and home. It is a pleasant time for home cleaning and indulgence of practical and handwork hobbies or collecting.


Very good time to focus on your health or to set a start of body cleansing diet. These are favourable days for any kind of physical recovery procedures or mental recreation. Fresh food is a key to achieve internal regulation and preserve healthy digestion system. When the Moon is in Virgo, surgical intervention in the area of the spleen and pancreas are not recommended.