Scorpio zodiac sign
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Scorpio constellation
Scorpio constellationCopyright © 2015, All rights reserved.

About Scorpio

Scorpio ♏ is the eighth sign of the zodiac.

Fixed zodiac sign Scorpio marks the Autumn peak with the Sun in ∠210°-240° sky sector of its constellation from October 24th to November 22nd.

Planet ♂ Mars is the ruler of the feminine zodiac sign Scorpio.

Triplicity element Water keeps it cold and wet, defining the phlegmatic temperament of Scorpio and setting the qualities of its weak-voiced mute nature.

Scorpio Sun sign is nocturnal, its quality of the night is analog of the dark Yin polarity of ☯ Tao.

Scorpio zodiac sign in brief

Planets affecting Scorpio

  • Zodiac sign ruler: ♂ Mars
  • Exaltation: none
  • Detriment: ♀ Venus
  • Fall: ☽ Moon

Zodiac details of Scorpio

  • Sun in Scorpio: from October 24th to November 22nd
  • Position: the eighth sign of zodiac
  • Tropical sector: ∠210°-240°
  • Constellation: Scorpius
  • Direction: austral (Southern)
  • Greek: Skorpios
  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Body: single
  • Type: mute
  • Glyph:

Scorpio qualities

  • Season: Autumn peak
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Element: Water
  • Binary polarity: negative
  • Heat: cold
  • Moisture: wet
  • Sect: nocturnal
  • Gender: feminine
  • Fertility: fertile
  • Temperament: phlegmatic
  • Voice: weak

Scorpio zodiac sign specifics

  • Scorpio motto: I wish.
  • Colors: crimson, indigo and black
  • Numbers: 5 and 13
  • Day of week: Tuesday
  • Body parts: pelvis and reproductive and urinary system
  • Gemstones: opal and granite
  • Metals: iron (steel)
  • Countries: Netherlands
  • Crucial years: from the 4th every 7th (4th, 11th, 18th, etc.)
  • Tao analog: dark Yin ☯ Tao side

Scorpio character

  • Scorpio likes: own power, own superiority, disputes, persuasion, fight, weapons, hunt, truth and meaningful work
  • Scorpio dislikes: others power, cowardice, dependence, tranquillity, shallow relationships and flattery
  • Strength: dynamic, observation, loyalty and resource-richness
  • Weakness: suspiciousness, obsession, manipulation, jealousy, hatred and odium

Scorpio relations to other zodiac signs

Partnership with Scorpio